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Malaysian Mantis

Deroplatys lobata female
Deroplatys lobata
Malay Dead Leaf Mantis

Deroplatys species come from Malaysia (as well as other Asian countries).  Their camouflage is remarkable and they can be hard to spot even in a cage if there are enough dead leaves.  There are three species commonly found in captivity – Deroplatys lobata, Deroplatys dessicata and Deroplatys truncata. 


Deroplatys truncata female
Deroplatys truncata
Malay Dead Leaf Mantis

Dessicata is the largest of these species and some males can be bigger than females of the other species. 

Deroplatys truncata male
Deroplatys truncata
Malay Dead Leaf Mantis

Deroplatys truncata
Deroplatys truncata
Malay Dead Leaf Mantis


Hymenops coronatus
Hymenopus coronatus
Malay Orchid Mantis

Orchid Mantis

Orchid mantis (Hymenopus coronatus) are among the most widely sought after of the Malaysian mantis due to their incredible coloration.  When they are young they are a lovely pink colour although in captivity this may not be so obvious.


While not hard to rear, the males mature much faster than the females and it is quite common to find that the females are ready to mate only when the last male from the batch has died.  This prevents inter breeding but can make keeping a colony going very difficult!