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Butterflies and Moths

Argema mimosa
African Moon Moth

An easy species to rear and breed from South Africa, these were the commonest moths found on our game farm one year, with 13 hanging next to one light!  In South Africa the larvae fed on Tambouti.

Butterflies and moths can be great fun to rear and breed due to the stages in their metamorphosis.  The larvae can normally be kept easily but more care will be required for breeding, especially for butterflies.  In many cases space and light will be required, along with a food source.

Phalanta phalanta
Phalanta phalanta
Beautiful pupa hanging under a leaf

Phalanta phalanta
Phalanta phalanta
The butterflies are common and fly in twos and threes around treetops

One species of Nymphalidae that is particularly easy to rear in Malaysia is Phalanta phalanta, also known as the Common Leopard.  It is very widely distributed, from South Africa up through Africa, across the Middle East to India and down to northern Australia.
The life cycle is short. 

Phalanta phalanta
Phalanta phalanta
Fast growing larva